Tangier is located in the northern part of Morocco, at the confluence of the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean near the Strait of Gibraltar. Tangier is the capital of the Tangier-Tetouan Region of Morocco and is the second most important industrial

center of Morocco after Casablanca, with thriving tourism, textile, chemical, mechanical and metallurgical industries.

Tangier is immensely popular with the tourists especially because of its pristine sands and the amazing array of beach activities that one can indulge in, like windsurfing, beach football and camel rides. Most beaches also have vibrant nightlife scene meaning that you have more to look forward to even after the sun goes down. Apart from the beaches, Tangier, is also home to the Caves of Hercules, where the legendary mythical hero rested before embarking on one of his 12 Herculean tasks, the Mendoubia Gardens with its beautiful green environs and the bustling marketplace of the Grand Socco that has on sale almost anything and everything under the sun.