Taliouine is located in Morocco Souss Region, and there are hundreds of visitors to this

unique village each year. It is a picturesque destination that offers tourists breathtaking

landscapes and quaint attractions such as the Kasbah, and is filled with friendly locals waiting

to share their hospitality and knowledge with visitors. In general, Taliouine is not a very big

or busy destination, but what it lacks in modern amenities, it makes up for with character and

memorable natural attractions.

One of the most predominant features of Taliouine is the fact that it is not only surrounded by

spectacular mountains, but colorful fields filled with Crocus Sativus. It is therefore

affectionately referred to as the Saffron Capital of Morocco. Each year, during the months of

October and November, the saffron covers the landscape in vibrant color and it is for this

awe-inspiring phenomenon that visitors come to Taliouine. To be able to understand the

magnitude of its beauty, it is easier to describe the production of saffron. Taliouine produces

approximately seven thousand pounds of saffron. And to produce only one kilogram of the

spice, a hundred and fifty thousand saffron flowers are needed. Large fields of saffron need to

be planted to produce the required amount each year and these massive fields are one of the

most popular attractions. The spice is used in medicine, cuisine and in cosmetics across the

world. It remains the main agricultural product in the area, and local farmers carve a living

from these fields.

Over and above the saffron farms and spectacular traditional architecture which can be seen in

the village, there is another attraction in Taliouine that is highly recommended to visitors,

namely the Taliouine Souk. Many of the rural community members in the vicinity of

Taliouine attend the Taliouine Souk, or Market, which is held every Monday, to sell their

wares and products and to purchase supplies. Souks are a part of the tradition and culture in

Morocco, and each souk has its own unique atmosphere and products on sale. Tourists and

visitors to Taliouine will be able to find beautiful souvenirs and items to take home with them

as reminder of their memorable experience.