Nador, is a city located in the northeastern Rif region of Morocco. The city is a Mediterranean

port on the  (Mar Chica in Spanish), and it is the major trading center

in the region for fish, fruit, and livestock. It is linked to the Spanish-administered city of

Melilla, 11 kilometers (6.8 mi) to the north, by a semi-motorway.

Nador is populated by a Riff-Berber speaking population of more than 180,000 inhabitants.

The city became the administrative capital of an independent province within Morocco in


During the summer months, Nador is visited by hundreds of thousands of Moroccan migrants

working in Europe, who are originating from the province or from the city of Nador itself.

These summer visitors contribute strongly to the development of the city, by buying property,

helping their families, and by stimulating the overall local trade and tourism. The local

government also wants to attract foreign tourists, and for this reason they try to give the city a

better look:  have been told to use metal or wooden chairs outside (and not plastic ones),

houses have to be painted in appropriate colours throughout the city, and the main boulevard

along the sea has been redeveloped and widened.

Until early 2008 the city end of the boulevard was formed by the Rif Hotel, but in the spring

of 2008 the existing hotel was demolished and the road alongside the boulevard opened and

extended. This new road by-passes the city centre and runs directly towards the main

roundabout at the entrance of Nador via the Road to Tawima. The remaining grounds where

the hotel and its facilities were located is being redeveloped into a new hotel complex.