Kelaat De Magouna

Another 50Km up the valley of Sakoura,marked by balancing rocks at its entrance.It is a

town in Ouarzazate Province, Souss-Massa- Draa, Morocco. According to the 2004 census it has a

population of 14,190.

Kelaa-des- Mgouna is the centre of rose production, with two large factories for rose

water. Every May, a Rose festival takes place here.

The process of making rose water is quite impressive. In order to make one single litre of

rose water, it is needed about 3,000 kilo rose petals. In all of Kelaa-des- Mgouna there

are 4,200 km of rose hedges, and all of this has the capacity of only 1,400 litre of rose


The festival:

It is in the last half of May that the grand Rose festival takes place in Kelaa-des- Mgouna.

It happens in conjunction with the rose crops of the season. At that time people swarm

into the villages of Kelaa-des- Mgouna and celebrate with music, dancing and shopping.

The green strip of valley:

The valley of Kelaa-des- Mgouna is long and narrow, and meanders through the