In an arid corner of the Souss Valley at the end of the Anti Atlas, Tiznit is an old medina

town, with a modern crust. six kilometers of red-mud walls encase its dusty centre, which was

founded by Sultan Moulay Al Hassan (1873-94) as a trading centre in the south. The

provincial capital and the last large town before the Western Sahara. It is also the centre point

between the coastal towns to the west and the Anti Atlas to the east.

In 1881,Sultan Moulay Al-Hassan chose Tiznit as a base from which to assert his authority

over the rebellious Berber tribes.

As in Taroudannt,Jewish silversmiths were moved into the town establishing its reputation as

a centre for silver.

On the fringes of authority , Tiznit remained embroiled in local sedition,becoming a base for

the resistance against the 1912 treaty that turned Morocco into a Frensh and Spanish

protectorate. The resistance was led by El_Hiba,an Idrissid chief from Mauritania who was

regarded as a saint and even credited with performing miracles.El-Hiba had himself

proclaimed as sultan at Tiznit  mosque in 1912, and he succeeded in unting the Tuareg and

the tribes of the Anti Atlas in a vain effort to dislodge the Frensh.Ejected from Tiznit,and at

one point forced to move to Taroudannt,El-Hiba pursued the campaign of resistance against

the Frensh until his death in 1919.