Located in south-eastern Morocco, south of the High Atlas and north of the Little Atlas, is

part of the region of Ouarzazate.

The name originally referred Tinghir the mountain “IGHIR” which meant the shoulder

Tamazight, but it has gradually expanded to bring together all the villages around and give this

name to the whole oasis.

The city proper of Tinghir (Baladia tinghir) has 36,000 inhabitants, while the area as a whole

has 86,500 inhabitants according to the 2004 census. Tinghir, in the region of Ouarzazate, is

populated by Amazighs. Tinghir is at the center of one of the most beautiful oases of southern

Morocco. This lush palm covers about 30 miles on 500 to 1500 m wide tracts along the Wadi

Todgha. After the Todra Gorge, Wadi Todgha is difficult to spawn a passage on the southern

slopes of the great atlas (Tizgui), then leads into the great plain to meander slightly over

twenty kilometers up Ferkla.

The palm Todgha, very dense and widespread, consists of only two sides of the ASSIF

Todgha, it is irrigated by a network of pipes called tirgouine. Absorbed by a

large number of irrigation canals, water from the ASSIF Todgha generally can not trickle

up. Ferkla through his bed and then lay in the Ghris, but there are times when water during

heavy floods, but it usually only lasts a few days.