Tata is a town in Morocco with a population of around 15,192. It is situated on the Sahara

plain, southeast of Agadir and Taroudannt, close to the Algerian border and the mountain

range Anti Atlas at the foot of Jebel Bani. Tourists use the town as a base for excursions in the


Tata, is a relatively small town in among the other cities in Morocco, nevertheless the most

popular one. It stands as one of the most charming and dramatic cities and is one of Morocco

popular destinations.

Tata, has a distinctive character of its own with the small town centre boasting of a couple

beautiful streets, a bus and a taxi station in the town square. The Town square is a favorite

hang out place for both the visitors as well as the locals with several restaurants and cafes

dotting the city centre.

It is also a place of contrasts .While there is modern city centre existing in the heart of the

city, there is a place beside the road moving eastwards which is quiet and tranquil. This place

is totally used for farming and few farmers reside here. Besides, there is a green park, which

is lush green with plenty of trees.

quiet Tata, is quiet a traditional place with women generally in their traditional costumes, that

is, black adorned with blue skirt and often colorful textiles.