Tafraoute, is a town in Tiznit Province, Souss-Massa- Draa, Morocco. It is located in the Anti-

Atlas mountains in southern Morocco. According to the 2004 census it has a population of


The roads to Tafraoute are difficult to traverse – narrow, snakelike, and mountainous. This is a

good enough reason to take the Tiznit route.

It takes about an hour to reach Tiznit where a left turning takes you to Tafraoute which is

107 km away. The first forty or so kilometres are plain sailing but once you reach the

mountains it becomes more challenging. The road is somewhat narrow though it is still

enough for two vehicles to pass without any problems. The climbing road is often unprotected

and this is what creates some anxiety and detracts from enjoyment of otherwise stunning

scenery. It should take not much longer than two hours to reach Tafraoute including a must

stop at the Kerdous Hotel, located on a cliff edge at over three thousand feet above sea level

overlooking the magical Kerdous Valley.

In late February/early March the villages around Tafraoute celebrate the almod harvest with-

night singing and dancing; the festivities move from village to village and therefore last

several days.