Rabat, is the capital city of the kingdom of Morocco, the city counts a population of 1.7 million a 2007 estimate, Rabat is also the capital city of the region Rabat-Sala-Zemmour-Zaer.

Rabat has an important geographic location in central orocco, it is located on the Atlantic Ocean on board of the Bou Regreg River and a couple miles from the small once annexed city of Sale, the city hosts a lot of industrial facilities : the textile industry, the food processing and many major construction companies and international corporations, Rabat is also the administrative capital of Morocco where major embassies and consulates reside, Rabat is the second important city in Morocco after the moroccan city of Casablanca just 60 miles away.

The main sites in and around Rabat are : Mausoleum of Mohammed V, The Mohammed V University, Hassan Tower by the british embassy in Rabat and facing the bouregreg river, Chellah necropolis and the Oudaya, Rabat has aso the biggest theatre in Morocco : Theatre Mohamed V in downtown Rabat.

Rabat has also several galleries and archeological museums, such as bab rouah, the postal museum, telecom museum, and so many Foundations that are very active in culture and social activities, the city also hosts its annual festival, Rabat Festival.

Orient-Occident Foundation and ONA Foundation are the largest ones in Rabat, both foundations have important places for meetings and educative workshops.