Morocco Camel Treks

Morocco Camel Trekking – Experience Camel Ride In Merzouga Desert

Camel Trekking is definitely an incredible experience! And it is for this reason a part of the itineraries of many tourists visiting Morocco.

Visitors to the desert regions often use camels to explore the history and tradition of the desert.

Morocco Camel TreksUpon your arrival at the Hotel, which located in the edge of Erg chebbi sand dunes, and after 30 minutes of relaxation, you ride your camel and you will be trekking for 2 hours onto the impressive golden sand dunes. A large padded saddle is affixed to the camel for safety, comfort and stability. The Camels will be packed with food, water, your stuff, and everything you will need.




Morocco Camel RideAlong the way you will enjoy the camel ride, the view of the sand dunes and watch your shadow lengthening on it along the path that lead to the camp in the middle of erg chebbi sand dunes, where you will spend the night in Nomad Berber tents.




Morocco Tents

When you arrive the camps you will have the opportunity to climb the highest sand dunes and watch the sunset while your guide preparing mint tea (whisky berber) for you. Later on, a wonderful traditional dinner will be served around a campfire, play drums, sing the berber, the touareg songs, joking, and telling the stories.




Tents at night in Morocco


Before leaving to your bed you can have a walk on the sand dunes to brows the sky with its brilliant stars.



Early morning, and after an unforgettable quiet night among the sand dunes of erg chebbi and in nomad’s land, your guide will wake up you and help you to climb the highest dunes to witness the sunrise. You will admire the sunrise upon the dunes.

After all these unforgetable moments, you will trek back to your hotel where you will have shower and breakfast.

Please note that these only one option start from the hotel in the edge of sand dunes. It is possible more than one night in Erg Chebbi Desert. Contact us for further inforamtion.