El-Jadida, is situated in the western part of Morocco on the Atlantic Ocean. It lies just 63

miles south of Casablanca, Morocco, Africa second largest city. El Jadida, Morocco was

held by the Portuguese for 250 years from the 16th century and later was burnt down and

reconstructed in 1815 after the Portuguese had left.

El-Jadida displays a fine contrast of the new and the old. While on one hand one finds the

preserved remains of the Portuguese rule, on the other hand modern city life of resorts,

nightclubs and restaurants exists.

One of the Morocco popular destinations in El Jadida is the underground cistern and the

Church of Assumption built in the Manueline style of late Gothic architecture by the

Portuguese in El Jadida, Morocco. These structures show the interchange of influences

between the European and Moroccan cultures. This feature has had El Jadida listed among the

World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The summers are the best time in El Jadida, when the city dwellers from within and outside the city

come to enjoy the 16 kilometers stretch of beach. The beach becomes the most happening place in

this time with a boulevard of lively cafes and lounges. Further 15 miles south of the city exists the

beautiful lagoons with wetlands, home to a wide variety of migratory birds.