Donkey Ride

They are many people have the experiences of ride on a horseback, but have you ever ride on a donkey?

We are able to offer excursions by donkey that can be anything from a short trek into the forest of Ksar Haroun.

Our experienced guide will ensure you discover the beautiful Ksar of Haroun with its Forest, khettaras (Old irrigation system) and crops of the se
Our Treks here take a place in Ksar Haroun. Haroun is a quiet village of around 100 people, located between the town of Rissani and the Desert of Merzouga.It consider also one of the 300 ksar that surround the town of Rissani. After exploring the Ksar we will take a donkey ride to the oasis nearby,where you will have the opportunity to explore Haroun gardens, with palm trees, vegetable gardens and crops. Back again to ride our transportation(donkeys) and drive to the Khettaras where you will have the opportunity to discover this irrigation system that represent an ancient, original and ingenious way, still in use. You will learn also about the various types of khettaras and their different ways of management which determine the rights for water on one hand, and how it is distributed on the other.The water channeling has allowed the development of the present-day Haroun gardens, with palm trees, vegetable gardens and crops. After an optional picnic lunch (Berber local pizza with mint tea) we return back with donkeys to the ksar to take our vehicle and heading east or west on your route.

How to Ride a Donkey ?

Donkeys have a friendly nature and usually get along with other animals and humans. They also can be good for riding, as is evident in places like Haroun. If you ve ever wanted to ride a donkey, here are a few tips you should know.

1-Gently approach and communicate with the donkey before strapping on the saddle. Establishing a bond and a sense of trust will ensure a smooth experience for animal and rider alike.

2-Fit the donkey with the saddle. A regular horse saddle will not work with the donkey  back shape. Make sure the saddle is situated away from the animal shoulder blades.

3-Make sure the harness is an appropriate fit. It may be tricky to fit in the jaw area, but using harnesses with adjustments at both sides of the head usually works. Find one with a nose band that can be adjusted.

4-Allow the donkey some time to get used to the riding equipment before mounting. Let him wander around the pen or grounds for some time. This will also give you time to see if the saddle and harness were strapped on correctly. If not, make the proper adjustments at this time.

5-Hop into the saddle and ride.


*This activity includean optional Berber pizza with mint tea for a picnic lunch.

*This activity available on Haroun and goes with our tours:

Р 3 Days / 2 Nights.

– 5 Days/ 4 Nights.

Magical Tour 11 Days / 10 Nights.

*This activity include Local guide.